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4 of the Best Party Bus Destinations in NYC (From the Experts)

There are various destinations you can visit on your party bus while in New York City. The party bus offers you an opportunity of sampling various top destinations in this wonderful city. The bus is also perfect for sightseeing. The bus is not designed for specific functions or celebrations. You can use it for anything. Anniversaries, proms, birthdays, and bachelorette parties are just a few of the events that would be worthy of a party bus. The question is, do you know the destination worth visiting?

Below is a list of some of the best destinations to visit on your party bus.

Empire State Building

A visit to NYC would be incomplete without taking a trip to the Empire State Building. The building is synonymous with the city. It’s indeed worth visiting in the company of your friends who have never been to the city. The building isn’t the only attraction on the site. The surroundings are full of other beautiful features that would make your trip truly memorable. The Statue of Liberty is visible from this building. The East River and the Freedom Tower also warrant a visit with the party bus.

Central Park

Never disembark from the party bus without using it to see all that Central Park in NYC has to offer. Ask the driver to drive all the way to this park. Your group will not run out of activities to do while here. Hiking, walking, jogging and running are a few of the examples of activities that can keep your entire team busy. The park is full of beautiful and plush greens. The natural side of the park is worth beholding too. The park, which is right in the center of Manhattan, will keep your team in the right spirits.


NYC is a lively city. It is full of concerts that are organized by some of the best DJs in the land. It offers excellent vibes too. Unique live performances are also part of the lifestyle here. Travel to this destination with the group that is in your party bus and have the time of your lives. It is the ideal destination for members of your team interested in the NYC’s nightlife. This Brooklyn neighborhood has unique party destinations for people who love dancing the night away. Therefore, send your group here to break a sweat.

East Village

East Village stands out for many reasons. For years, it has retained the distinction of being one of NYC’s leading nightlife neighborhoods. Its old-school bars are quite an attraction. The special eateries will whet your appetite and fill your tummies too. You can drink, play, dance, and eat to your fill while in the East Village. This wonderful part of NYC has remained attractive to party lovers of all age groups. It is the place to visit if a throbbing nightlife is your thing. More importantly, it will keep every member of your team wonderfully entertained.

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